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So far, in 2014…

I have run two miles so far in 2014. Yes, just two.

I live in Wisconsin, and in case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know about that thing called the Polar Vortex. We had some historically-record-low cold days in January. I already dislike running in any weather colder than 50 degrees… and even the most die-hard runners don’t run in sub-zero temps. I was able to escape the arctic weather in the beginning of the month. I was supposed to return to work for two days before taking off for our family vaca, but thanks to our Polar Vortex friend, my winter break was extended by those two days (and my resulting break was three and a half glorious weeks) and we headed south to the Caribbean. Our family went to Beaches Turks & Caicos, and it was amazing. My family had been before when I was in eighth grade, but the place was twice as big as the last time we were there. It was relaxing and beautiful and perfect.

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Any way, I packed my running gear with the intention to run at the resort. And I did. Once.

The fitness schedule at the resort had three different runs on it. All in the morning at 6:00. Two were “trail runs” and one was a beach run. I already knew I wasn’t cut out for beach runs. I don’t like the uneven terrain. I got out of bed for one of the two trail runs, though, and had high hopes. The unfortunate part was that the resort’s trainer runs a 10k in my average 5k pace. So he is literally twice as fast as me. There were only two other resort guests on the run, and they were able to keep up with him pretty well. And me? I lost them about a mile in, and I was ready to die– because I started way too fast.

I’m usually pretty good at amping up my speed when I’m running with people who are faster than me, but these people were way too fast. I finished the first 2-mile loop (at least I think I did… I had to guess what the second half of the loop was, since I lost the group), and I went back to the room to get breakfast with my boys. I didn’t get up for the second trail run.


Well- I returned to Chiberia, and rather than resign to the dreaded treadmill, I have been doing some Insanity workouts. They’re really challenging and I feel good when they’re over– just like running. So I’ve decided rather than do one of two things I despise– run in the cold or run on the treadmill– I’ll do Insanity (which really lives up to its name- FYI) for January and February, and then run in March when the weather gets nearer to the 40-degree mark. I’m making the determination now that 40-degrees is acceptable. (And after the winter we’ve been having, I’m sure that first run or two will feel downright tropical).

In related news, I have about ten pounds of post-baby weight hanging around. I had made it back to my pre-baby weight around Skip’s first birthday, but slowly over the course of the next year, by his second birthday, I had put ten back on. I’d like to lose at least half of that. It’s not necessary- I’m not overweight- but it’s a personal goal. For starters, I decided I’d log my calories every day. I use the My Fitness Pal app, which gives me a realistic calorie goal to healthfully reach my target weight. I haven’t done much to change my eating habits quite yet- they aren’t necessarily horrible to begin with- but awareness of what your food is actually “worth” towards your daily total is a fantastic place to start. I’ve already altered the way I approach certain meals, especially lunches, with the mindset of what I’m in the mood for at dinner. A la, “can I afford (calorie-wise) this?”


I’m making progress on my goals to be a #FitMom in 2014.

{Other than the four brownies I ate at our Marriage Retreat we went on this weekend… but those calories don’t count.}

I have already signed up for the Color Run, and I’m making a decision as to what my first 10k for the year will be– I’m debating a few. I look forward to the warmer weather (I’m sad that I’ve resigned to 40 degrees being acceptably “warm”) because I’m itching to run. Until then, I’m letting Shaun T. challenge and motivate me.

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Progress Update: March

March was a lot better than January and February for running. I could thank myself for making me accountable to the interwebs via starting this blog, but who wants to read about me patting myself on the back?


{Pat. Pat.}


In any case, I ran much more regularly in March than I had in the two previous months. I made trips to my mom’s to use the treadmill during Skip’s naptimes. I ran twice during my quick long-weekend trip to Florida. It might have had something to do with restarting the Couch-to-5k program {ok, it had a lot to do with that. Here’s some pats for my friends’  backs who are doing that with me}. It might have also  had something to do with training because I needed to run a 5k at the end of the month. (The review of which I’ll post either later this week or next week.)


The weather still sucked, so I ran most of the month on the treadmill. Running outside those two times in Florida was heavenly– and reminded me that I need to live somewhere where that is a reality year round. The end of March warmed up a bit, and I was able to run outside once before running the 5k, which was also outdoors. 40 degrees is not balmy, but it’s tolerable.


We really lucked out with the location of our new condo. There is a really nice little trail just across the street from our complex. It’s perfect to have something like that right out of our front door. The local high school girls’ track team was out there running when I went the first time. It was motivating to not look like a fool in front of teenage girls. Because we all know how judgmental teenage girls can be.


Still: running outside for the first time all winter was a little tough. My body had to re-acclimate. It was tough, and I was expecting the 5k just two days later to be just as tough, but surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all. I guess I was able to acclimate pretty quickly. Good news!


I’m grateful that the weather is finally warming up. I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t drop a foot of snow on us in the middle of April. {It could happen. This is Wisconsin, after all.}

I’m also pretty pleased with my mileage this month. This month I ran 21 miles. It’s not exactly on target, but it’s better than the two previous months. I’m only 10 miles behind for the month.  I’m hoping to focus on getting ahead over the warmer months so that I can have some leeway in the fall when it starts getting cold again.


{I don’t want to think about that right now, though.}


Stay tuned!



2013 Miles Goal: 365

Miles Run So Far: 44.25

Miles to Go: 320.75

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Progress Update: January & February

The goal I had set for myself seemed so easy. 365 miles is just a mile a day (or “about 10 miles per week” if you’re my husband. Yes, he did consider majoring in math. Go easy on him, though, he reserves his brain power for other, more brilliant things…) and I thought that should be simple enough. I shouldn’t have to run every day, because on the days that I do run, I average at least two miles.

Well, I underestimated just how cold winter is in Wisconsin. Let me tell you, it sucks to run outdoors in the cold and snow and wind. I bought some fancy Yaktrax (for a STEAL on Amazon!) but that didn’t motivate me, either. I had visions of slipping on ice and cracking my skull or breaking my legs.
Thankfully, I had access to a treadmill. My parents have one set up in their room, so during Skip’s naptime, I could run.

The only problem with that is Skip’s nap times tend to be the only time I can really get things done. It’s a precious two-hour window that I feel an insane pressure to squeeze in all of the things I need to do. Running and showering can take up a pretty decent chunk of that time. I know it’s important, but that pressure makes it difficult to stay motivated.



January was pretty decent. I ran the Warm Your Heart indoor 5k in Chicago at the beginning of the month, so that gave me some mileage. I’ll review and talk about that 5k more in a later blog, but the truth is, I didn’t do so well. Before that point, it had been quite a while since the last time I had run. I was not proud of the way I struggled through that 5k, so I was motivated to do better for my next one.
I was able to get in 18 miles in January on the treadmill. I found that watching episodes of Friends made it go by faster, because running on the treadmill kinda sucks. It turns out that 2 miles is about an episode and a half.

Still, there are 31 days in January and I only ran 18. So that left me 13 miles behind. This seemed easy enough to pick up again when it’s warmer out and I’m running more often.

Well, enter February.



February is a short month, and it was FULL of activity. If you look at my subbing schedule, it shows that I was only able to sub FOUR days out of the whole month! We moved into our new condo, went to Hawaii, I started an online course for TESOL, and Jonah started his new full-time job. A lot happened. With my online course, suddenly naptime became even more precious. Also, I now lived away from the treadmill, and it’s still too frigid and snowy and icy to run outside. (At least according to me. That’s probably something I’ll need to get over as long as I live here.)

I had lofty goals for running while we were in Hawaii. After all, it is my favorite place to run. Unfortunately, given that we were there for such a short amount of time (the shortest we had been before that was five weeks… so a week felt like torture to us!) and with how busy we were with the wedding stuff and trying to fit in everything we wanted to do, I only ran once. My lucky husband was able to squeeze in two runs.

I’m embarrassed to share my run total for February, but in the spirit of being transparent in order to keep myself motivated, here it is: 5.25
Yes, just over FIVE miles. For 28 days in the month, I am 22.75 miles behind for the month and 35.75 miles behind for the year.



Moving Forward

I’m trying not to dwell on that number and just focus on running more this month. Thankfully, I have a few friends who are training for races and we decided to train together. We won’t run together every time, but we will be following the same schedule and hopefully fit in a few runs together. I am much more likely to keep accountable to other people than I am to myself, so I’m glad we’re doing this together.

It’s now March, and it’s a new start. I’m still pretty sure I can recoup those miles I am behind. Stick around and find out!


2013 Miles Goal: 365
Miles Run So Far: 23.25
Miles to Go: 341.75

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