To live a better story: do SOMETHING every day.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past few months. I’m learning how to live a better story from Donald Miller.

photo 2


A big part of that story {at least, a part that is on my mind a lot} is health and fitness. Specifically: the kind of “character” I am in my own health and fitness story. A character is what she does. What am I doing?

The last time I blogged, I had just started on the 30 Day Challenge with my Team Beachbody coach, and friend, Krystal. I completely forgot that I had blogged about it. So: update. I completed the challenge– replacing one meal a day with shakeology and working out 3-5x a week– and although I didn’t see a change in my weight, I *did* see a change in my body. My *after* pictures showed some definite progress. {Still not sharing them, though. Sorry.}

Ever since March, I have been replacing one meal a day {usually breakfast} with Shakeology. April was pretty uneventful– I tried to continue with challenging myself and doing more T25 and running– but I didn’t have the same kind of drive as I did in March. Then May came around and my husband decided we should do an Ab Challenge. It was simple: do 75 crunches a day. I made a little calendar and stuck it on our fridge and every day that we completed the challenge, we marked it off on the sheet. Well– I totally beat him. By quite a few days! {Thursdays really killed him.}

Here’s the thing, though: I found something that worked! A little homemade calendar with a challenge/goal– something visual to which I was accountable. I also started recording my measurements weekly and continued with Shakeology. June, however, was not as successful as May. I tried to be specific– run 3 days a week, yoga 2 times a week. It didn’t work as well, and I found it really easy to get discouraged on down on myself. It was easier to skip days and make excuses.


My July schedule is working much better though. The goal was simple: do SOMETHING every day.

photo 1

It’s simple, and it’s worked. Sure, there have been a few days that I haven’t– but if you compare July to April or June, you see far fewer “Rest” days. {AKA: Nothing Days}. Especially in the last two weeks.  I was motivated by someone on a podcast– I wish I could be more specific but I can’t remember which celebrity or which podcast– who said that their goal is to simply do something active every day. I thought to myself: “they have no excuse to not work out if that’s their goal…” and suddenly, that was my goal. There have been a few days where my “active” is walking all day around the zoo (it counts!), but really, I love that I can choose what my activity is for that day. Something about not having a predetermined workout for me just works better. If I notice that I’ve only run once already that week, it’s easier to decide that I should run that day. I’m running closer to my goal of 3x a week, without telling myself I *have* to run 3x a week. I also started PiYO this week– which is awesome.


Moving forward in August, my goals are very simple: lose weight and get ready for half marathon training. {Have I mentioned I’m running a half marathon? My friend, Katie, convinced me that a 1/2 marathon would be a good idea by packaging it as a “girls weekend away.” I bought it and although there will be six of us girls going, only Katie and I are running… Hmmm…}.

I signed up for the Veteran’s Day 10k again this fall, so by November I should be up to running 5 miles consistently- which is where I need to be to start training for a half. I’ve already decided on the reward I plan to give myself for completing the half:

Isn’t it cute? I love AMR.

It’s funny that even though my weight hasn’t changed since March, I feel good. I feel healthier. Sure– I wish I could get rid of some of this– and I’m sure I will… but for now, I’m celebrating my progress. I feel good. And that’s that.

I plan to continue with the same plan: do SOMETHING every day. I’ll be getting back to work, so it will get more challenging. But when your goal is to just “do SOMETHING active,” it’s easier to find the motivation.It works for me, any way.


I think the health and fitness story I’m living is getting better all the time. Stay tuned.

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