Progress Update: June

We’re already well into July, so I figured I better get my June progress update up. Why has it taken a while? Well, for starters, I have been busy this month getting HIRED. Yep, that’s right. I got a job. I’ll be teaching third grade this fall, and I am super excited about it.

The other two reasons I have for lagging behind in getting this posted are:

1. We went on vacation at the beginning of the month.

2. It’s embarrassing, like usual, to admit that I didn’t meet my mileage goals.


There are 30 days in June, but I did not run 30 miles. I did, however, start training for a fall 10k. My friend and super-runner, Katie, wrote me a training plan to have me running 6.2 miles by November– and this helped me log some consistent miles at the end of the month. Alas, my total for June? 19 miles.


I’m starting to realize that I probably won’t meet my 365 goal, but I’m letting that realization sit in the back of my mind so that I don’t lose motivation to keep going, keep running. The goal of the 365 miles wasn’t just to log miles, but to get me running more often, and at that, I have succeeded so far. And I’m always getting better. So, even still, I am proud of myself.


So far in July, I’m doing well, just battling with the heat. Some of my runs have been hot with a capital H. It’s a tremendous advantage, though, to have someone sending me my runs for the week. It was something I was having a hard time recreating this year. Training for my first 5k was “easy” when I had an app telling me what to do on every run– the only mind game I had to play was getting myself out the door. The mind games doubled when I was no longer doing the program, because not only did I have to get myself out the door, but I had to give myself some sort of “objective” for each run, and that’s difficult when you’re struggling for the motivation to just DO IT in the first place. Katie has taken on this role for me and is the one telling me what to do every week, and it’s a big help.

{Thanks, Katie!}

Here’s to July, the heat, and adding some miles. Cheers!


2013 Miles Goal: 365

Miles Run So Far: 102 (three digits!)

Miles to Go: 263 (I’m pretending this isn’t real life.)

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