5k Review: Dirty Girl Mud Run

In January, as a way of motivating myself to keep up with my mileage for the year, I made a list of 5ks that I wanted to do. One of the first races I put on my “list” was the Dirty Girl Mud Run. By the time I had learned of this race last year, it had already happened, and I was determined to do it the following year.


I made an event right away in January, invited everyone that I knew, and got excited. I figured I was giving everyone as much notice as possible (I mean, six months? That’s a lot of notice!) and since it was taking place the day after my birthday, I decided this would be my way of celebrating my birthday this year.


Well, you all are LAME because they only person who actually signed up to do it with me was my BFF, Katie. Boo to you all. Boo.


Any way… We signed up for the 4pm wave, because I prefer to run in the afternoons. The 4pm wave ended up being the very last wave of the day, and it was a very tiny wave! In addition to our 2-person team, there was a team of maybe 8 girls and another two teams of two. It was like having the entire course to ourselves.

Pre-Dirty Girl Mud Run

Before the race!

Katie and I made our way through slowly. We did a little jogging, but we mostly walked between obstacles. This was partially due to the fact that we didn’t know how much energy we should save for the obstacles and partially due to the fact that the race ground was entirely uneven. If we were to run between every obstacle, there were a few places where I am sure we could have twisted an ankle or something. I’m talking deep grooves in the mud, loose gravel, and running on an angle. I think the ground between obstacles was more dangerous than the obstacles themselves!


I was anticipating the obstacles being really difficult, but they weren’t. The first was an inflatable– no mud yet– and I was scared on the way down, but mostly my fear came from someone falling down on top of me. I was nervous that I’d really strain myself, because I have such limited upper body strength, but I didn’t struggle physically with any of the obstacles. Some of the mud pits were chilly– the day was chilly– and the muddy water was gravelly. I have a hard time with texture, so mentally, I struggled with the texture of some of the mud pits.


Also, there’s a big slide towards the end– I was pretty excited about this one. Since Katie and I had the course to ourselves, we had one half of the slide each to ourselves. I thought this was a good idea until we got to the top– then we were both terrified. The slide was really high up, and there was a muddy pit at the bottom that you couldn’t tell how deep it was. I counted really loudly to three and we slid down– that was probably the hardest, mentally, to do!

After shot!

After shot!

At the end of the race, your shoes are pretty trashed. I had planned all along to donate my shoes at the end. I wore a pair of shoes that are a half-size too small for me, and even though we didn’t run much, I definitely felt how snug they were. I’m glad they’ll go to a developing country somewhere– complete with my Sweat Pink shoelaces. 🙂


We had a great time and I’m so glad that I did it. It was a lot of fun. The pros to the experience are all wrapped up in getting muddy and having fun with a great friend! There were a few notable cons to the experience though. Here they are:

-They didn’t have any small t-shirts left– which is pretty lame, because they have you select a size when you sign up for the run. If they can’t guarantee the correct size, they shouldn’t even ask for you to specify. I got a medium and hopefully it shrinks.

-I don’t know how they screen their volunteers, but there was a creepy guy at one of the obstacles that asked each of us: “You like getting dirty, don’t you?” in a super pervy tone of voice. I could’ve done without that…

-It was pretty cold for a late June day. The weather was chilly for most of the day, but by the time we went, the sun was out for most of the course. It would’ve been a little better if the weather was warmer, but it wasn’t TOO cold. The worst part was rinsing off with the ice cold water in the rinsing tent afterwards.

-They promise a “festival vibe” but that’s not really what you get. Yes, there’s music and MC’s… but there’s just ONE station for food and drinks and not much else is going on.

-Finally, I thought the obstacles weren’t that creative. They promise 12 obstacles, but a few of them were repeats. There were quite a few mud pits– which is fine– but a few of them were just kind of out in the open, and Katie and I were like, “Ok… so what are we supposed to do? Walk through? Crawl through? Mud fight?” I would’ve loved a few more challenging obstacles.


So there it is.

I’d love to do this race again, but there are two major things I’d change for next time:

1. Do it with a larger group. Katie and I had a lot of fun, but the obstacles aren’t that creative or challenging– but I think they’d *feel* a little more challenging if you’re doing it with more people.

2. I wouldn’t do the final wave. When I signed up, they had waves after ours, but I’m assuming no one signed up past 4pm, so ours was the last wave. Being in the last wave was both awesome and kinda weird. It felt a tad like a ghost town, and even though some of the workers still had decent energy- you could tell they were just waiting for us to finish so that they could tear down. Which is kinda silly.


All in all, I had a muddy good time! It was great, and I’d do it again.

Up Next: MRTT Summer Virtual Race: Running Mad!


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