Progress Update: April

Jet-lag is a cruel, cruel joke. It’s hard enough to leave Hawaii to come home to flat, boring Wisconsin. It’s another thing to feel incapacitated for three days trying to readjust to losing five hours. I recently read that for every time zone you cross, it takes one day to recover. I flew across five time zones to get back home, so… I suppose I shouldn’t be “adjusted” until Saturday. Which feels about right. My brain is like mush and all I want to do is lay around. I’m forcing myself to do otherwise, though, in the hopes that tomorrow I’ll feel somewhat “normal.”


In an attempt to distract myself from wanting to take a nap, I’ve decided to post an update on my progress for my 365 Goal.


As I’ve mentioned in my last two posts, the beginning of April was stellar. I wasn’t making up for lost miles, but I was at least keeping up with the “one mile a day” strategy. I wasn’t literally running a mile a day, but I was averaging the 7 miles per week by running three days a week.


Then the dreaded “still winter” season killed my outdoor running plans, I worked a lot, and all motivation was lost. I was really looking forward to going to Hawaii. I have a special love for running in Hawaii. Perhaps it is because that is where I first learned to run. Perhaps it is because it is paradise and any “normal” thing you do in paradise is just automatically twice as sweet. Any way, while I wasn’t motivated to run here, I was certainly motivated to get some miles in during my time in Hawaii– thinking that I still had some time to add to my mileage for April.


Well, we flew out on April 29th, and we didn’t run on the 30th, so all of my Hawaii runs count for May.


April’s totals are, therefore, disappointing. I ran just 16.5 miles. Boo.

That’s less than March, and I was really counting on having my totals go up from March through the summer. So it’s a tad discouraging.


{Are you sick of my failures yet? I sure am!}


I got pretty far ahead in May already, so I was able to have these few days to recover without needing to worry about making up for miles. Starting this weekend, though, I’m going to need to start working hard to keep up and hopefully get ahead again for the month.


The Color Run is at the end of this month, and I finally signed up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in June. There’s a MRTT virtual 5k happening in July, and in August I’m planning on doing the Electric Run. Keeping the races coming in a steady stream gives me no excuse to not keep at it– which is kind of the point.


Even if I don’t make my mileage for the year (the year isn’t half over yet, and even though I’m incredibly behind, I’m choosing to not be pessimistic) I’m still proud of all that I’ll accomplish. I’ll have quite a few races under my belt, and I’ve already run quite a bit more than last year. “Slow and steady” doesn’t win timed races, but it wins a different kind of race: the one against your lazy self. So I’m not taking a nap today. I might even run.


Stay tuned!


2013 Miles Goal: 365

Miles Run So Far: 60.75

Miles to Go: 260

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