A Little Nudge

On Thursday, I began writing a post about my lack of motivation. I had an awesome start to the month of April– on the 11th, I had run 11 miles. I wasn’t making up for lost miles, but at least I was on par with what I needed to do for the month. (Remember, 365 miles is 1 mile per day, so I was good for the month so far!) Well, then we were hit with two weeks of cold and rain, and suddenly, I was running just once per week. Losing about 5 miles per week kills motivation real quick!


So there I sat on Thursday. I was writing a self-pitying post about how even though it was sunny outside, it was really windy, and I probably wasn’t going to run that day. I was feeling pretty guilty about it– I hadn’t run since the previous Wednesday!– and suddenly, I heard my computer make that weird ‘bloop!’ noise that it makes when someone messages you on Facebook. It was a friend wondering if I wanted to meet her at 4pm for a run around Lake Andrea.

I had already showered. Already resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to run that day. Already given up. But I couldn’t bring myself to say no or to make an excuse that wasn’t really an excuse. I knew I needed to just do it. So I went.


And then I went again on Saturday.


Granted, Saturday was like 63 degrees and it wasn’t hard to get motivated, but I think running on Thursday had a lot to do with getting out there again yesterday. Running, for me, is habitual. I either run often, or not at all, for stretches at a time. Going out just once motivates me to get out there again.


So the next time I find myself in the state I found myself on Thursday, I pray that someone just asks me to run again. Because really, that’s all it took. A little nudge.


I’ll post a longer blog about this at some point, but I have come to the realization that running isn’t just a solo sport, as I had always imagined it was. Like most things, it’s often better with friends.


If you’re trying to talk yourself into running today, why not ask a friend to join you? Maybe he or she needs that nudge just as much as you do.

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