Couch to 5k Restart

Jonah and I belong to a fantastic little group of couples which we affectionately call our Sunday Night Dinner Friends. We get together every other Sunday night for dinner and conversation, and it is one of my favorite things that we do. A few weeks ago, we decided that instead of meeting as a whole group, we’d split up and have separate Girls’ and Guys’ Nights.

The girls and I met up at a pretty awesome local place downtown and we had some stellar dinner and girl time.

grilled cheese cheeseburger


I couldn’t resist the grilled cheese cheeseburger… {When in Rome!} We shared the s’mores dessert, because really, how cool is that?

I also had a very delicious cranberry ale and a blackberry-pear cider. We need to go back a few more times because there are so many items on the menu I have to try…

Any way.
At one point, the conversation touched on running. One of the ladies was talking about how she was going to run in the Color Run this year and one of the other ladies was discussing how she was going to have a “porch party” for that run as the course will go right by her house. We talked about our running plans for the year. One of our other friends said she wanted to start running, the porch-party friend is training for a half-marathon (she’s our resident legit runner) and I talked about my small list of runs I want to do this year.

A few days later, my porch-party friend emailed all of us with a fun suggestion: let’s train together! She mentioned that even though we likely wouldn’t be able to coordinate well enough to run together very often (we are all mamas with lots on our plates), it helps to have other people doing the same thing that you are. She has taken the lead to coordinate us and thus, I have found myself restarting the Couch to 5k program!

Starting Over?
I debated whether to start in the middle or not. Ultimately, I decided I’d start fresh. Why not, right? Our plan was to start training 12 weeks before the Color Run, which inevitably ended up being the first week of March. I had motivated myself enough to run a mile on March 1st, and on March 3rd (a Sunday) I did Week 1, Day 1 of Couch-to-5k. It was pretty easy, but the interval were fun and kept it from being too boring, considering I was doing it on the treadmill. I ended up running through a few of the “walk” portions in order to make it a full 2 mile run.

So far, I’m happy to have restarted the program. It gives me two things I have been lacking thus far in progressing with my goal:

  1. a reason to get some mileage by being accountable to some other ladies to keep it up,
  2. a necessity to find the time to run three times a week

The first week, last week, I ran twice. I did Days 1 & 2 early in the week but didn’t end up doing Day 3… a whirlwind of sickness hit my little family. My little one had an unexplained rash and fever that landed us in the ER and the awful cold that my husband and son were passing around finally took me down for a few days. My head felt like it was 20 pounds and I couldn’t breathe through my nose– which, of course, is a big deal for me… see previous post.

This week has been a tad tricky, I ran on Tuesday, but that was technically Week 1, Day 3… I’m heading down to Florida for a long weekend– starting TODAY!– and I plan to get in at least two runs while I’m down there, to take advantage of the warmer weather. I know some people don’t, but I so prefer to run in warm weather. {More on that later.}

I am SUPER proud and in awe of the other ladies. They are certainly doing better than I am! They run outside in the nasty, slushy winter weather. I’m a wuss. Altogether, though, I’m really glad to be restarting the program with them and to cheer each other on. Life is better with friends. Especially friends who encourage you to order the grilled cheese cheeseburger.

Until next time. 😉


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